Power of Partnership

RDS Electric, Inc.

Sparks fly between electrical contracting company and NB|AZ

In 1981, Robert Swier and his wife Debbie were like any young couple starting out. They had a comfortable home, were starting a family, and began building a life for themselves and their future.

But rather than go the traditional route of the 9-to-5, the Swiers decided to start their own business and RDS Electric was born. Working out of their home, Debbie handled the administrative responsibilities, such as pulling permits and answering phones. Robert—who had been inspired by his father’s work as an electrical contractor and wanted to follow in his footsteps—went door-to-door, soliciting jobs at commercial industrial facilities.

“As we earned more, I saved more,” Robert says. “I bought a second truck, and got work for me and another electrician. Then I saved more and bought another truck, and got work for three of us. From there, it got easier and the jobs got bigger.”

In 1986, the Swiers moved the business out of their home and into their Glendale location, where they offer electrical services in the industrial, commercial, residential and renewable energy industries in Arizona.

Like father, like daughter, Jenny Dewey was inspired by her father’s craft and entrepreneurial acumen, and is now the Vice President of Operations for RDS Electric.

“Family is a big part of our core values, which also include longevity, integrity, trust and dependability,” she says. “It’s really worked for us. A lot of our management has been with us for many years. It’s a very supportive culture.”

Part of that supportive culture is Perla Salinas, Commercial Portfolio Manager for National Bank of Arizona. She has been the Swiers’ banker since 2009, when RDS Electric moved their banking needs from the branch level to the commercial department.

“Robert and Jenny are always moving the company in the right direction. Last year, they experienced 100 percent growth and we worked with them on products that fit this of growth,” she says. “They have such a successful story and it’s been an honor to be a part of it.”