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ON Media Publications in Phoenix specializes in producing the performance program books and visitor guides for 27 of the state's arts and cultural destinations.

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ON Media is ‘ON’ track

Local publisher values National Bank of Arizona’s commitment to the community

By Debra Gelbart

Almost every time you hold a program while attending a local play or concert or visiting a museum, you’re seeing the creativity and talent of a locally owned company. ON Media Publications in Phoenix specializes in producing the performance program books and visitor guides for 27 of the state’s arts and cultural destinations. The company creates programs and guides for theater productions, concerts, tourist attractions, national golf tournaments and “Eight” Magazine, the member publication of PBS in Arizona.
ON Media President and Publisher Linda “Mac” Perlich bought the company eight years ago. She also founded the nonprofit Act One Foundation to introduce children in underserved schools to the world of the arts. She has been banking with National Bank of Arizona for nearly two decades.

How has National Bank of Arizona helped your business?
National Bank of Arizona has confidently managed the finances of our company, the non-profit organization we founded as well as our family investments. We are fortunate to have their expertise, guidance and counsel in all three of these entities. They understand our company’s goals as well as our philanthropic commitments and have partnered in our support of providing quality arts education to our public schools.

What do you value most about your partnership with National Bank of Arizona?
ON Media Publications works to develop and strengthen relationships between the arts groups and the premier businesses of the community by creating a top-quality program featuring both groups. The goal of NB|AZ is similar in their efforts to make the relationship with their business partners strong and steadfast. We are not just a publishing company, and they are not just a bank.

What sets National Bank of Arizona apart from other banks?
Two things: humility and humanity. They are humble; everyone you meet there demonstrates the values of the bank’s leaders through their behavior and the way they communicate. Their humanity is evident in their commitment to the community.

What do you most appreciate about National Bank of Arizona?
The team at NB|AZ is committed to the success of our business relationship with them.

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