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NB|AZ helps durable medical equipment company expand its proprietary approach

Tempe-based StateServ Companies help families confronting the most difficult situation imaginable: the terminal illness of a loved one. Inspired by a less than stellar experience when an elderly family member needed what’s called durable medical equipment (DME) delivered at home, StateServ chairman Tony Perre resolved to make requesting DME simple and seamless for other patients.

DME includes such things as a hospital bed, devices that assist mobility and breathing machines. “Before we started our company, families couldn’t count on the equipment being delivered when they most needed it,” Perre said. “The delivery often had to be scheduled about a day in advance. And for families dealing with a very ill loved one, that delay is simply unacceptable.”

Upon establishing their company in 2004 to serve primarily hospice patients and their families, Perre and business partners CEO Paul DiCosmo, COO Chris Roode and Tom Allison immediately made same-day delivery of DME their top priority. They’re able to do that through proprietary, innovative software they developed and make available to hospice organizations. The software enables hospice clinical staff to easily request the equipment a patient needs and schedule timely delivery. “We’ve introduced a lot of technological advancements to this business and greatly improved the patient and family experience,” DiCosmo said. “We’re integrated with the hospice organizations through our technology platform.”

The company’s approach is so unique that it has expanded to 46 states. “It’s great to see an Arizona-based business succeed on a national level,” said Jeff Byers of National Bank of Arizona, where StateServ has been doing business for more than six years.

“Our business is complicated and Jeff has learned about it to the point that he knows as much about our finances as we do,” Perre said. “He participates in our business development, our planning and our operational meetings. We’re able to operate as efficiently as we do largely because of National Bank of Arizona. We consider them part of our business.”