Built on Integrity

Roadrunner Drywall

NB|AZ’s relationship with drywall business stands the test of time

At the age of 17, Mark Nuessle, president of Roadrunner Drywall Services, was living in his car. A very humble beginning indeed to a career as a successful business owner whose company has been going strong for nearly 40 years.

“I learned so much from that time in my life,” he says. “Especially that you can’t judge a person by the situation they’re in.”

Nuessle got his first job—the only job he could find, really—installing drywall for companies in the Sun City area. He bounced around a few places and managed to save $10,000 along the way—just enough to start a small outfit of his own. He bought a pickup truck, hired an apprentice and started bidding on small jobs.

“My goal was to get up to 10 to 12 employees. I thought that would be a good size business,” Nuessle says.

Little did he know that 40 years later, Roadrunner Drywall would have three locations—in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas—and employ 1,250 workers. The company works with major developers and homebuilders in drywall and painting services for multifamily residential and commercial projects.

Nuessle credits Roadrunner’s success to three things: listening to his customer’s needs, providing unsurpassed customer service, and building lasting relationships…including with National Bank of Arizona, who they’ve entrusted their financial needs to for 20 years.

Ken Kellaney, a senior vice president at NB|AZ, who has worked with Nuessle from the very beginning says the length of their relationship is significant—and a little unusual—in the banking industry.

“At NB|AZ, we’re a relationship-oriented bank, which means understanding our customers, their needs, their wants, their dreams,” he says. “Our relationship with Mark has been a great one. It really comes down to the character of the client and, in this case, Mark has demonstrated 20-plus years of integrity and trust. This is what makes the relationship thrive.”